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Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit for Summer

Now that spring is here to stay in NJ, the possibility of temperatures rising enough to cause your air conditioning unit to cycle on grows each day. Spring is so fickle, and often we’re experiencing summer temperature highs, like them or hate them, before we know it! Before that happens, here are three steps homeowners […]

Learn How to Measure Insulation in Your Attic

Before Winter begins, check out the insulation in your attic using the helpful video from above. The best indication that your house need upgraded insulation is to look at your roof after a heavy snow fall. If parts of your roof are exposed, as opposed to being covered in snow, this can be an […]

A/C Unit Tune Ups: When to Get One and Why

During the warmer months, a comfortable home has never been more important. As a responsible homeowner, it’s time to start preparing your home to make sure it’s cool for the summer. And there’s no part of that preparation more important than your AC unit. If it’s not properly maintained, the unit could malfunction or break, […]

Vaughan Comfort: What We’re Doing About Covid-19

| Vaughan Comfort Services |
In the state of New Jersey, construction workers, utility workers, and repair workers have been designated as a necessary service and will continue to operate through these trying times. Vaughan Comfort is taking this responsibility seriously. We’re proud to provide vital home maintenance and construction services to our clients, ensuring that they can socially isolate […]

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your HVAC System During Covid

| Vaughan Comfort Services |
As we all work together to flatten the curve and get through the coronavirus outbreak, staying in your home is more important than ever. Through self-isolation, we can save lives and get through this pandemic together. This means that your home is a more important place than it’s ever been before. Self-isolation is going to […]

How Often Should I Replace My Pipes?

Replacing the pipes of your home can be a stressful decision. It’s a major renovation project, but if you don’t replace pipes that are close to failing, you can be looking at serious concerns for your house and health. You want to catch issues with corroded pipes early on, but you don’t want to overreact. […]

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