How To Clean Your HVAC System, Pt. 2

Keeping your HVAC system in proper condition is a vital step in keeping your home comfortable and your energy bill low. As a complex, expansive system, your HVAC has a lot of places for dust, grime, and debris to collect, and cleaning it is a delicate, deliberate process.

Here is part two of our handy guide to cleaning your HVAC unit.

Clean Your Furnace Components

It’s time to move inside and clean your furnace or blower.

First, find your evaporator coil door. This should be clearly labeled within your device. Use a soft brush to clean the coil, and then wipe it down with a no-rinse coil cleaner, which you can find at most major hardware stores. You’ll see the cleaner collect in a pan at the bottom of the coil—wipe this down with water and, if you want to be extra thorough, bleach. If your system has an evaporator, you should take the same steps on this component.
You should also see a drain within the compartment. This drain tends to build up with mold, algae, or dirt, so you should scrub it thoroughly and check for blockages.

Next, find the heat exchanger within your unit. You’ll look for a coiling series of metal tubes. Just run a hose vacuum over any opening to remove any debris buildup. You should do the same with the blower motor.

Finally, give the unit a thorough once over. Look for sediment buildup and clean it our carefully. If you notice a large amount of buildup anywhere, consider contacting a professional. This could indicate structural damage.

Vacuum and Clean Vents

Next, it’s time to clean your individual vents. Go through each opening in your home and vacuum it thoroughly. You want a strong industrial vacuum for this task, but any hose attachment will suffice. Next, remove the grate and inspect the interior for blockages or buildup. You should be especially mindful of mold, which can present a serious health risk. The more powerful your vacuum, the deeper you can go into these vents. After vacuuming, scrub thoroughly.

Going deeper into the ducts is a task for a professional and should not be undertaken by a homeowner unless you’ve invested in the proper tools and training. If you’re noticing odd smells or an alarming amount of dirt and grim within the vents, it might mean that you’re due for a deep cleaning.

If you need assistance cleaning or maintaining your unit, or if you’re interested in updating your system, our team of professionals have the experience to resolve any HVAC issue. Contact us today to begin protecting your home.

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