Customizable Comfort with Mitsubishi

Vaughan HVAC is pleased to offer Mitsubishi ductless solutions for heating and cooling your home. No need to worry about an ugly, clunky window unit, or the uncomfortable heating bills during those cold winter months. Mitsubishi offers wall mounted units, available in a variety of colors to match your decor. If you choose, you can equip each room with one which allows for customized individual comfort.

During the milder Winter months, rely on mitsubishi to keep you comfortable. This way, you’ll only need to switch on your Oil or Gas heater during the extremely cold Winter days. Learn more about Mitsubishi heating and cooling equipment by watching the video below.

Interested in installing mitsubishi in your home? We are experienced ductless installers and ready to provide you with a No Cost estimate, just say the word. Contact us.

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