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Keep Your HVAC System Running Smooth for the Holiday’s

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Now that the holidays have arrived, many homeowners look forward to the joys of hosting family and friends. These gatherings should be carefree and fun for all involved, but sometimes HVAC issues can crop up and make areas of your home uncomfortable. Here are four tips for keeping your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the holiday season.

Holiday Heater Tip 1: Declutter

Your HVAC system can only run effectively when the vents which deliver warm air to the many areas of your home remain unblocked. While tidying up for holiday soirees and removing clutter from different areas of the home, be sure that you do not unintentionally block vents. Watch out for this problem when rearranging furniture to create more space for guests, too.

Holiday Heater Tip 2: Swap Out Old Air Filters

Greet your guests with confidence in the air quality in your home by changing out old air filters. Air filters should be replaced, at minimum, each season, but if you have pets or smoke you’ll probably need to up that figure to keep your air clean and your system from working too hard to properly heat your home.

Holiday Heater Tip 3: Consider Adding a Zoning System

Many of our clients complain that during the holiday season, constant cooking and the presence of many people keeps the main living areas warm, but leaves other parts of the house uncomfortably chilly. This is due to the fact that your thermostat is usually located in one of those main areas, like the living or dining room. It simply will not begin cycling on until the temperature drops down below where the unit is set. This can make finished basements, studies, bedrooms, and other areas of your home way cooler than preferred. The best way to address this problem is by having a zoned HVAC system installed. The different zones will help you maintain a balanced temperature throughout your home regardless of how warm certain areas are.

Holiday Heater Tip 4: Plan Ahead When Traveling

Perhaps instead of hosting the festivities, you will be traveling to visit friends or family. Whether you will be leaving your home for a holiday getaway or simply attending many events that will keep you away and your home unoccupied, it’s important to program your thermostat ahead of time so that your system is not working harder than it has to to heat an empty house.

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