Why It’s Important to Maintain Your HVAC Systems During Quarantine

As we all work together to flatten the curve and get through the coronavirus outbreak, staying in your home is more important than ever. Through self-isolation, we can save lives and get through this pandemic together. This means that your home is a more important place than it’s ever been before.

Self-isolation is going to be difficult, but a properly functioning HVAC and air filtration system is important to keeping your family safe and making quarantine go smoothly.


First, there’s temperature control. We’re in the thick of spring, and that means that temperatures are going to fluctuate between heat and cool rain. To adapt your home and keep it comfortable, you need a properly functioning cooling system. If your air conditioning is ineffective or slow to change, it will be cycling often to play catch-up as your rooms fluctuate between chilly and uncomfortably warmA well installed and maintained HVAC system can provide quick, accurate temperature control that can ensure a consistently comfortable environment. Check that your AC units are capable of blowing cold air, and that your thermostat is consistently reading at the correct temperature.

Air Quality

Unfortunately, we’re not going to get as much fresh air this spring as we’d like, and if your home is poorly ventilated or filtered, your family will be breathing a lot of stale air for the duration of your time indoors. An effective air filtration system can help keep your air fresh and crisp for maximum comfort. Your air filters also help protect against pollen and other springtime allergens. Check that the filters on your HVAC systems have all been cleaned or replaced as needed. If you don’t know how to find your filters, we can help you.

Circulation and Humidity

When you’re stuck indoors, an overly humid house can make you irritable, tired, and unmotivated. Inadequate circulation can also make the temperature of your home uneven and inconsistent, making it difficult for your HVAC system to keep up. . You need a properly functioning air ventilation system to keep air crisp and moving throughout your home.

Providing HVAC services during this time requires expertise and a disciplined team. At Vaughan, we’re proud to provide the finest maintenance HVAC service while ensuring the safety of our clients and staff. The maintenance of your HVAC system is a priority that deserves careful attention during quarantine, so please give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your home environment.

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