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Vaughan Comfort welcomes master plumber Tom Weaver to the team.

Learn why we chose Tom and decided to provide plumbing services in this video!



Repair or Replace?

If you are suffering from no hot water, or your water heater leaking it is time to call a plumber. We are here to help get you back on track in the most cost-effective and intelligent way possible. Our professional and experienced technicians are here to help you find a long-term solution in the most cost-effective way possible. We use the latest tools and technology to determine the source of your problem, then make suggestions as to whether it would be best for you to repair your water heater, or replace the unit altogether.

Keep an eye out for the signs of water heater issues

One of the nice things about water heaters is that when there is an issue with them, chances are you will find out fairly quickly. Here are some of the signs that you may need to call a plumbing company:

  • Lack of water pressure when using hot water.
  • Water has a weird or bad smelling odor to it.
  • Unusual levels of sediment in the water
  • Visible leaks around your water heater
  • Rattling sounds or other strange noises.

Tankless water heaters.

In terms of convenience and reliability, this is the way to go. High efficiency, units, space saving, sometimes the size of a suitcase. Get rid of the old, leaking water heater and start saving money today.

PEX and drain pipes attached to the basement ceiling of a home.


Plumbing Pricing

At Vaughan, we believe in keeping pricing easy and affordable on all Plumbing repairs – no hidden costs, no additional fees.

How does a Vaughan repair estimate work? We charge a set diagnostic fee for our Vaughan technician to come to your home and diagnose the issue. Then, the technician will provide a flat-rate estimate for the stated repair. Upon your approval – and only upon your approval – will the technician perform the necessary repair work.

Although our plumbing division is relatively new, it is backed up by over 20 years of experience providing plumbing services throughout southern New Jersey. This means that you can trust that only a licensed, qualified, and insured plumber will be fixing your problem.

Repair Diagnostic Fee

We charge a flat-rate diagnostic fee of $95 during regular business hours ($115 after hours). The diagnostic fee covers the technician’s time to travel to your home, and his or her time spent discovering the cause of your system malfunction. All Vaughan technicians are armed with the necessary knowledge, expertise, and experience, and thus we ensure that your diagnostic fee is well earned. Please note, VaughanCare Plan holders may be eligible for discounts on their plumbign diagnostic fee. Learn more about Comfort Club.

Repair Estimate

Once the Vaughan technician has diagnosed the issue, he or she will present you with a flat-rate estimate to perform the repair. Flat-rate pricing means you pay a fixed flat rate, no matter how long it takes the technician to complete the repair. Flat-rate pricing was developed to eliminate unpleasant cost surprises for homeowners, and to encourage transparency in the repair process.

Once you receive the repair estimate, it is your choice whether to proceed. We offer financing to assist with the cost of repairs, and Comfort Club Plan that can provide plumbing discounts and a variety of other special benefits.

Questions? Contact Us or call our office today at 856-627-0303, we’d be happy to assist you.

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