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What We Install

Reliable Heating & AC Installation and Replacement

Having a home HVAC system installed in your home is a major event – it’s a commitment that will occur once every 10-15 years. This makes it critical to not only install the right system for your lifestyle and needs, but to have the system installed right.

When you are ready to consider an installation, a Vaughan Comfort Consultant will visit your home for a full evaluation and energy analysis. The Consultant will take measurements to ensure that the right-sized system is selected for your home’s size and layout – this heat loss/gain calculation ensures that your home comfort system is sized properly.

Once the energy analysis is complete, our Consultant will sit down with you to review our variety of equipment options, with a pressure-free guarantee. You’ll be provided with the latest rebates and financing options available with approved credit.

We install and specialize in a variety of quality, energy efficient equipment:

Air Conditioning Service | Central Air Conditioning | Vaughan HVAC

Air Conditioners

Gas Furnace | Oil Furnace | Furnace Repair | Furnace Replacement | Vaughan HVAC

Gas & Oil Furnaces and Boilers

Heat Pump | HVAC Contractor | Vaughan HVAC

Heat Pumps

Air Handler | HVAC Repair | HVAC Replacement | Vaughan HVAC

Air Handlers

Gas Water Heater | Oil Water Heater | Tankless Water Heater | Vaughan HVAC | HVAC Repair

Gas & Oil Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater | Gas and Oil Water Heater Repair | Vaughan HVAC

Tankless water heaters

Heat Pump | Ductless Mini Split | Air Conditioning Service | Vaughan HVAC

Ductless Mini Splits

Electronic Air Cleaner | Air Purifier | HVAC Contractor | Vaughan HVAC

Electronic Air Cleaners

Whole House Humidifier | Humidifier Repair | Air Purifier | Vaughan HVAC


Oil Tank | Oil Tank Replacement | Oil Delivery | Vaughan HVAC

Oil Tanks

Cellulose Insulation | Air Sealing | NJ Clean Energy | Vaughan HVAC

Insulation & Air Sealing

Home Performance with Energy Star | NJ Clean Energy | Vaughan HVAC

Home Performance with Energy Star

Trane Thermostat | Energy Savings | Vaughan HVAC


Air Scrubber Plus | Air Purifier | Vaughan HVAC

And More!

Brands we trust and work with include:
Trane  |  Coleman  |  Rheem  |  Mitsubishi  |  Bosch  |  Bradford White  |  Navien  |  Honeywell

Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Contact our office today for a complete listing of replacement services. Check out our Coupons, Rebates and Financing

What to Expect When We Install

Our Replacement Process

Here at Vaughan, we believe in making home installation as easy and convenient for you as possible. We understand that installation can be a disruption to your daily life, and so we try to minimize any hassle as much as we can. We’ll take the following steps to make the process as smooth as possible:

We’ll Pull the Permits for You

We’ll do all the homework, find out if you need any permits from the city and even pay for them. After pulling the requisite permits, all you need to do is contact the city inspector to schedule the final inspection. Don’t worry, our team will provide a copy of the work permit along with all the information (including contact phone number) needed to schedule the inspection.

You Can Still Come and Go During Installation

You can absolutely leave to run errands or go to work while we perform the installation – just leave us a contact number where we can reach you if we have to ask for any permissions or other information. Need to leave before we arrive? Please just leave clear instructions on how we can gain access to the property, as well as your contact details.

There’s No Need to Cover Your Floors or Clean Up After Us

We’ll wear shoe covers when we enter your home, and we will cover any areas where we will be walking. When we’re all finished, we’ll vacuum up after ourselves so you don’t have to.

We’ll be as Quiet as Possible

We always aim to minimize noise disruption in your home, and so we’ll only use noisy power tools or hammers as much as we have to. Plus, we’ll always give you a heads up so that it’s not a nasty surprise. 

Your Home Will Remain as Comfortable as We Can Make It

We’ll obviously have to detach your old system to install the new one, but we will work as quickly as possible to ensure comfort in your home. On very rare occasions, it might be off overnight, but we’ll return first thing in the morning to finish up the job.

We’ll Send Someone to Inspect the Installation Once It’s Done

Once our installation work is done, we’ll send a Vaughan representative to your home to confirm that everything is running smoothly. If there’s anything else you need, just let us know. We want your experience working with Vaughan to be a happy one!

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Replacement Pricing

Looking for an estimate on an HVAC system replacement? Please contact us and we’ll send a Vaughan representative to your home to provide a free, accurate, pressure-free estimate specific to your needs.

While we’d love to be able to provide estimates online or over the phone, please keep in mind that every home is different – with different layouts, size, exposure, insulation, number of windows, etc., all of which impact which system would best serve your needs.

In addition, heating and cooling equipment is available by different manufacturers that vary in price, efficiency and quality. Your personal preference for HVAC system replacement also comes into play – you may prefer to run your home cooler or warmer than your neighbor, or find that some rooms vary in temperature.

All of these factors must be considered to provide an accurate estimate.

However, we understand your need to plan and budget; the following articles, courtesy of Angie’s List, provide some insight into what a new heating or cooling system could cost: 

Here at Vaughan, we encourage all our customers to learn about what it takes to ensure a quality comfort system experience. True value comes down to quality engineering, precise workmanship, a written guarantee, and service after the sale. It takes all of this, plus a competitive price, to ensure 100% satisfaction.

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