What is a Precision Tuneup?

At Vaughan we believe that providing a complete tune-up as opposed to a basic system inspection is the best way to serve our customers. Our precision tune-up allows our technicians to perform a thorough check-up of your AC system in order to properly clean and proactively alert you of any possible concerns. If we can save you a future visit during extreme heat, it is the best way to save you money and keep you in ultimate comfort


Vaughan techs take special precautions to protect your health and theirs. Including: taking temperature daily, wash hands before each visit, use disinfectant & antibacterial solutions, avoid contact & maintain safe distance during visit.

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This tune-up includes energy saving measures such as:   Outdoor Coil Rinse     Standard Filter Replacement    Refrigerant Level Check  + 20 Additional Quality Tasks

Replace Standard Air Filter

Making sure your system maintains proper air flow is not only beneficial for your health, but your system as well.

Outdoor Oil Rinse

Because of improper airflow a dirty condenser coil may not cool the refrigerant as quickly as it should. It surely leads to AC inefficiency.

Refrigerant Level Check

Low refrigerant can damage the ac compressor or even cause it burn out which makes it much more costly.

Clean Drain Pan

Cleaning drain pans can prevent water from backing up and causing damage to floors and walls.

Inspect Fan Blades

Bent fan blades make vibrations and restrict airflow, which makes the unit motor work improperly.

+20 Additional Tasks

We'll perform additional safety, operation and energy saving tasks to help ensure your AC system is working properly

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