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Pet-Friendly Warm Weather HVAC Tips

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Now that warmer weather has arrived and temperatures will steadily climb, it is time to start up your central air conditioning system and think strategically about how to preserve the life of your system, keep your energy bill manageable, and keep your home comfortable for everyone inside. For many households, this includes a family pet. Your pet’s comfort and safety are important, so today, we are offering some pet-friendly tips for keeping your HVAC system efficient and your indoor environment pleasant for all in the coming weeks and months.

Pet-Friendly Warm Weather HVAC Tip 1: Check Filters Frequently

If checking filters regularly is important for every household, checking them frequently is essential for households with dogs, cats, and other pets. The dander from animal hair or feathers in addition to the increase in outdoor allergens brought into the home on furry feet create a perfect storm for your HVAC system’s air filters, which struggle to maintain the air quality in your home and to adequately circulate air when clogged. It will probably be necessary for you to swap out air filters more frequently than suggested by the manufacturer, though some manufacturers provide a separate recommendation for homes with pets.

Pet-Friendly Warm Weather HVAC Tip 2: Set Thermostats Strategically

Many of our clients are accustomed to setting their thermostats much higher (or lower, in the winter) when leaving

the house for the day. But when adding a pet to the equation, it’s important to consider the animal’s safety and comfort while giving your HVAC system a rest. There is no easy answer when considering the right temperature to set your thermostat when leaving the house for the day, but the experts at the American Kennel Club have some helpful advice: “An ideal temperature doesn’t exist for all dogs, since their normal body temperature will vary according to size. Most dogs begin to show signs of overheating when the air temperature is between 81 and 85 degrees F… You may want to play with the thermostat and when you see that the dog is no longer panting, that may be the correct temperature for his optimum comfort.”We know how much the families we work with

love their pets. These simple tips can keep tails wagging and whiskers perky all year long.

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