Improving Air Quality: Tip #2

The second tip this week regarding Indoor Air Quality involves your household cleaners. Tip #2: Go Fragrance Free Avoid cleaning products with harmful chemicals.Opt for fragrance-free laundry soaps, and air fresheners that actually kill the root of the smell, not just mask it.

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Cooling tip: Save with shade!

Cooling tip: Save with shade! This August has been particularly HOT! NJ is famous for its unrelenting humidity. At Vaughan HVAC, we’re happy to provide any tips we can to help you keep your cool. This one is brought to you by Energy Star @ENERGY STAR recommends adding shade trees and awnings on the south … Continued

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Frank C | HVAC Contractor | HVAC Repair NJ | Vaughan HVAC

Employee of the Month | July 2016

Frank C. | Maintenance Technician Employee of the Month | July 2016   Each month, at our company meeting, we announce the Employee of the Month (for previous month). For July 2016, this honor goes to Frank C., Maintenance Technician. Frank has been with us since 2002 and has always been a dedicated employee. If you’ve had … Continued

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